Learning from the Great Bhaktas: Rukmini

You know Krishna had many wives. Of course, everybody wanted Him for herself but Satyabhama, especially, wanted Krishna for herself. She went to Narada-muni and said to Narada-muni, 'Tell me, how can I get Krishna for  myself?' Narada-muni was a bit clever and he knew the game of Maha-Vishnu. He said to Satyabhama, 'Sell Krishna me. Like that I will have Krishna for myself. Then, after that, I will sell Him back to you.'

Satyabhama said, 'Good idea! OK, I will sell Krishna to you.'

Then Narada-muni turned and said, 'Krishna, come here!' Of course, Krishna had to play the game and said, 'Yes Master, what do you want from me?'

Narada-muni said 'OK, let’s go now. You have to serve me because I have bought you from Satyabhama.'

All the other wives got very angry with Satyabhama, because when She went to Narada-muni and said, 'Now it’s time for me to buy Krishna back. Can you sell Krishna to me?'

He said, 'Are you crazy? No way, I will never sell Krishna to you. He is my slave. He will serve me now.'

And Krishna said, 'Yes, my Lord.'

Krishna was serving and Narada-muni was sitting there and said, 'Krishna, bring me some water.'

Everybody said, 'Oh my God, poor Krishna. He is serving Narada-muni now.' You know, normally Narada-muni had to serve Him and now He was serving Narada-muni.

Of course, they felt bad. They went to Satyabhama and blamed her and talked so bad about Satyabhama. She felt really bad. They went to Narada-muni and said 'Narada-muni, there must be a way.'

Narada-muni said, 'Fine. I would like to have all your jewellery, all the gold, all the treasures that you have equal to the weight of Krishna.'

Well, to the Lord of the Universe, equal to Him? All is in Him, you know! So they made big scales to weigh Him. On one side, Krishna was sitting and all the queens put all their jewellery on the other side.

He didn’t move a centimetre. All the treasures of the palace were on the scales. He didn’t move. Narada-muni was happy, was enjoying that and of course, Krishna was enjoying it more than anybody else. But there was one queen only, who was Rukmini, and She didn’t remove any of Her jewellery and everybody was blaming Her and saying, 'Why do you want the Lord to be a slave of Narada-muni?'

She said, 'No, no, no! You are all stupid!'

Then they all looked at Her saying, 'Tell us how?'

Rukmini went to the scales and said, 'Remove all the jewellery from there. Remove all the treasures.' Narada-muni was looking at Her with very big eyes, you know, saying 'Oh, my Goodness!'

Then Rukmini took one leaf of Tulsi and wrote the name of Krishna on it and just put it on the scales. The moment the leaf touched it, it dropped down and Krishna went up. So this shows the power of devotion, the power that Tulsi has, and the power of the name of Krishna, which is even
stronger than the personality of Krishna. This is the power of the Name.

Whenever we call someone, we call always by name and then the person comes. This is how we call God, also. We take a Name and we concentrate so that God can reveal Himself to us.

Excerpt from Paramahamsa Vishwananda's satsang on 2 November 2009 at Shree Peetha Nilaya - The Ashram

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