Powerful Daily Mantra: A Path to Inner Peace

Studies have shown that mental suffering is on the rise, with more people reporting signs of anxiety and depression than ever before.

The quest for inner peace is more important than ever.

How can we navigate the mental labyrinth of troubling thoughts and emotions? How can we silence the restlessness caused by external distractions and create a sanctuary within our minds?

Through the practice of daily mantra meditation, we can bring the chaos of the mind into harmony. By cultivating our own inner peace, we can share that serenity with those around us. 

What is Mantra Meditation?

At its core, a mantra is a powerful phrase or sacred sound. It is a prayer of the heart. The word 'mantra' means 'protection of the mind'. When chanted repetitively, mantras quiet the mind, open the heart, and connect us with the Divine.

In the West, mantras have become synonymous with positive affirmations, but in the Yogic traditions, mantras are sacred syllables chanted in Sanskrit. Unlike English affirmations, Sanskrit mantras awaken a sacred vibration inside the one who chants them. Sanskrit is an ancient vibrational language, and the meanings of these mantras go far beyond their simple translations.

Mantra meditation is a profound technique that utilizes the power of these sacred sound vibrations to awaken a deep and lasting joy.

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Daily Mantra Meditation

Engaging in daily mantra meditation offers numerous benefits.

As we immerse ourselves in the daily practice of mantra meditation, the fluctuations of the mind gradually subside, creating a sense of calm and stillness. Through chanting, we develop the ability to remain centered and unaffected by external disturbances.

The mantra creates a protective and sacred space within ourselves, where the typical worries and anxieties cannot continue to exist. Over time, deep inner peace is awakened, allowing us to navigate challenges with grace. 

Mantra meditation also has benefits that go beyond the mind. Daily mantra meditation has the power to open the heart, nurturing divine qualities such as love, compassion, and gratitude.

When we chant a mantra, we move our focus away from our mundane problems and elevate our minds to a place that is sacred. This positivity activates the dormant qualities of the heart, enabling us to embrace life with greater patience and understanding.

Through this practice, we develop a deep connection to ourselves and to the Divine.

How To Start a Daily Mantra Meditation Practice

Step 1: Choose Your Mantra

When starting your mantra meditation practice, it is essential to choose one mantra and stick with it. By dedicating your practice to one mantra, you establish a deep connection with that mantra and allow the vibration of the Divine Name resonate within you. 

To find water for a well, you wouldn't dig many shallow holes. You must dig one deep hole. Finding the grace of the Divine Name follows a similar principle. By committing to one mantra, you can achieve the ultimate objective in life: a profound connection with the Divine.

In the Yogic traditions, the name of God is considered to be God Himself. Therefore, when you chant a mantra, you forge a sacred relationship with that aspect of the Divine. Remember, choose the mantra that resonates with you and aligns with your spiritual aspirations.

What is the Best Mantra?

The best mantra is the one that speaks to your heart and resonates with your spiritual journey. Each mantra carries a divine vibration. People often choose a mantra based on the benefits it is known for or because it is the mantra given to them by a spiritual teacher they respect.

'Om namo narayanaya' is a powerful mantra recommended for connecting with the heart and cultivating inner peace.  It means, ‘I give my respect to He who is in all things and who has all things inside Him.’ Listen to the mantraom namo narayanaya here.

'Om namo narayanaya' is a maha-mantra, which means it contains all other mantras within it. Maha-mantras are moksha-mantras which means they can take you all the way to liberation, especially when you are initiated into them by a spiritual master.

The mantraom namo narayanaya’ has a rich and beautiful history, but before we explore this mantra further, here are some common Sanskrit mantras used for daily mantra meditation. 

12 Popular Sanskrit Mantras

  1. om namo narayanaya: A maha-mantra that means, ‘I give my respect to He who is in all things and who has all things inside Him.’

  2. om: The fundamental mantra. It is the primordial sound of the universe. It's usually chanted at the beginning and end of prayers and meditations.

  3. Gayatri mantra: om bhur bhubah suvah / tat savitur varenyam / bhargo devasya dhimahi / dhiyo yo nah pracodayat

    One of the oldest and most universal mantras. It calls upon the Divine Mother.

  4. Hare Krishna maha-mantra: hare rama, hare rama, rama rama, hare hare / hare krishna, hare krishna, krishna krishna, hare hare

    This mantra glorifies two different forms of God. It is chanted as a form of expressing devotion.

  5. om namo bhagavate vasudevaya: A twelve syllable mantra for peace, surrender and devotion to Lord Krishna.

  6. Narasimha-maha-mantra: ugram viram maha-vishnum jvalantam sarvato mukham / nrisimham bhishanam bhadram mrityur mrityum namamy aham

    This mantra is often chanted for protection, removing obstacles, and overcoming fear. Lord Narasimha is particularly revered for his power to protect His devotees.

  7. om hrim srim maha laksmiyai namah: This mantra is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the Divine Mother of wealth, prosperity, abundance, and spiritual growth.

  8. Vitthala: This simple mantra is the Divine Name of Lord Vishnu who comes to interact with His devotees. This mantra supports both the spiritual and physical heart.

  9. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram: This mantra venerates Lord Rama who is the embodiment of righteousness.

  10. om namah shivaya: This mantra honours Lord Shiva, and represents the surrendering of one’s ego to the divine consciousness.

  11.  Radhe Radhe: A loving invocation to Radha, chanted to immerse oneself in the Divine Love and devotion associated with Radha-Krishna’s eternal bond.

  12.  sri vitthala giridhari parabrahmane namaha: This maha-mantra is composed of Divine Names, each of them holding very high and nurturing vibrations.

Remember, the meanings of these mantras can go much deeper than their simple translations. Chanting a mantra is not just about pronunciation—it's about understanding its essence and significance within its tradition of origin.

The Story Behind 'Om Namo Narayanaya'

The mantra, ‘om namo narayanaya’ is a powerful mantra for spiritual advancement. It’s easy to chant and it can be used by anyone who wants to experience inner peace. This one secret mantra was revealed to the world by Ramanujacharya around 1,000 years ago.

Ramanujacharya was a great devotional saint and philosopher of ancient India. He lived from 1017 AD to 1137 AD. He is considered one of the greatest sages in India because he revived the knowledge of the Vedas which had been lost for centuries.

Ramanujacharya approached sage Gosthipurna to receive a secret mantra initiation. Although the guru considered his request, he was still unwilling to give the mantra to any person.

Time and again Ramanuja approached Gosthipurna, but his request was refused. After his appeals had been denied on 17 separate occasions, Ramanuja began to feel that there must be some great impurity in his heart and that it must be the reason that Gosthipurna would not bestow his mercy upon him. In this state of dejection, Ramanuja shed tears of despair.  When some people informed Gosthipurna of Ramanuja’s condition, he was moved by pity for the young devotee.

When Ramanuja came before him the 18th time, the guru spoke to him in a kind way. 'Only Lord Visnu Himself is aware of the glories of this mantra. Now I know that you are worthy to receive it, for you are pure and firmly fixed in devotion to the lotus feet of the Lord. At the present time I can find no one but yourself who is fit to receive the mantra, for whoever chants it is certain to be liberated at the time of death. Because this mantra is so pure and sacred, it must not touch the lips of anyone who has material desires. Therefore, you must not disclose the mantra to any other person.'

Ramanuja agreed to the condition and Gosthipurna initiated him into the 8-syllable mantra. Ramanuja was filled with ecstasy to chant this wonderful vibration, and his face began to glow with spiritual effulgence. He considered himself the most blessed of all beings and bowed again and again at the feet of his guru.

Revealing the Secret Mantra

Having taken leave of Sri Gosthipurna, Ramanuja, in a joyful mood, began his return to Sri Rangam. But as he was walking, he began to think about the potency of the mantra that had been given to him. While thinking in this way, he became filled with feelings of compassion for the suffering of all living beings in this material world.

Then, as he was walking near the walls of the Vishnu temple in Tirukkotiyur, he began to call out to all the people who were passing by, 'Please, all of you, come near to Lord Vishnu’s temple, and I will give you a priceless jewel!' Attracted by his pure expression and unusual words, a large crowd of men, women, and children began to follow him. A rumour began to spread all over the town that a sage had appeared who could fulfil all of one’s desires.

Within a short time, a huge crowd had assembled outside of the temple. On seeing this mass of humanity, Ramanuja’s heart swelled with joy. He embraced the two disciples who had accompanied him, Dasarathi and Kuresa, and then climbed up the tower of the temple.

In a loud voice he began to address the gathering: “All of you are more dear to me than my own life. Therefore I have a strong desire to deliver you from the torments and sufferings all of us must undergo in this temporary world. Please recite this mantra which I have obtained for you. Do this, and the Lord’s mercy will be upon you.”

When they heard Ramanuja’s words, all the people in the crowd called out, 'Please tell us the mantra. Shower the Lord’s blessings upon us!' Then Ramanuja called out in a deep resounding voice the mantra he had just received from Gosthipurna, 'om namo narayanaya.

When Gosthipurna heard about this, he was furious and called Ramanuja to him. The guru told Ramanuja he was going to curse him to an eternity in hell. Ramanuja said he would gladly accept the curse if his actions would save even one person. Gosthipurna was so moved, he fell to Ramanuja's feet and begged forgiveness.

Step 2: Make a Date With the Divine

Once you have chosen your mantra, it’s time to establish a routine and designate a sacred space for your daily practice.

This could be a corner of your home or a peaceful outdoor setting. Consider integrating your practice into your morning or bedtime routine, or even take a meditative walk.

As you become more comfortable with your mantra, you can gradually increase the time spent chanting.

Eventually, your mantra can become a refuge for your mind, accompanying you throughout your day and fostering an overall sense of peace and positivity.

Consistency is key in mantra meditation.

Step 3: Start Chanting

It’s easy! Simply start chanting your chosen mantra. Find a rhythm and pace that feels comfortable for you and experiment with different ways of chanting.

Ways To Chant

  • Out loud - if the mind is busy and stressed, chanting the mantra out loud is best.
  • Whispering - when the mind becomes calm, you can transition to whispering the mantra quietly.
  • Silently - once the mind is focused, recite the mantra inwardly and embrace the power of silence.

While chanting silently is the most powerful way to meditate, the key is to find the method that allows you to fully focus on the mantra. Some people even sing or write their mantra.

Remember, the quality and intention of your practice are what truly matters!

'The more you chant, the more the power of the mind will decrease, the more you will be in divine bliss, and the more your heart will open up to Divine Love.'


- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

How To Enhance Your Daily Mantra Meditation

To deepen your daily mantra meditation practice, consider using a japa mala, a string of beads traditionally used for counting mantras

The mala serves as a valuable meditation tool to maintain focus and consistency as you chant your chosen mantra. The beads act as a tactile aid, guiding you through each repetition of the mantra and helping you to deepen your concentration. 

Another way to enhance your practice is by engaging in group or family chanting. Chanting mantras together with loved ones can foster a profound bond and create a supportive environment for your collective spiritual growth.

Project Mantra

For those seeking support and structure in establishing a daily mantra meditation practice, Project Mantra is an ideal resource.

Project Mantra is an online program designed to help you establish a strong and effective mantra practice in just 40 days. It was created to help you easily integrate this simple and joyful practice into your life. It is a great way to kickstart your commitment to a daily mantra meditation practice and establish consistency right away.

How It Works

  • When you sign up, you will receive a series of videos and resources to guide you through the 40-day practice.
  • You will start by chanting 15 minutes per day and gradually build up to 1 hour of chanting per day.
  • You will also receive a printable tracker so you can record your progress throughout the program.

Try it out for yourself! 


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