Learning From the Great Bhaktas: Prahlad

In this story of Prahlad Maharaj and Narasimha-avatar, you can also see how Bhagavan manifests Himse.
12 March 2021
2 min read

The Importance of Introspection and How to Do It

We must never lose sight […]
09 February 2021
7 min read

Learning from the Great Bhaktas: Hanuman

Wherever the Name of Rama is being read, he is the first one to come and the last one to leave. Hanu.
08 February 2021
1 min read

Learning from the Great Bhaktas: Shiva

Learning from the Great Bhakta Shiva
05 January 2021
5 min read

He Comes To You: Developing A Relationship With God

I looked down and saw I was holding a triangular rock, about the size of one of my hands. It took me.
26 December 2020
4 min read

Love Is The Centre Of Your Atma Kriya Yoga Practice

Atma Kriya Yoga can transform your life and the world for the better. This is how.
19 June 2020
7 min read

Every Great Journey Begins With A Single Step

Written by: Roshan Fifty years ago, there was a historical moment in the history of the human race. .
07 August 2019
4 min read